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Terms & Conditions & List of Blacklisted Buyers

Hello Lovelies!

Thank u for visiting Ashleysinn. 🙂 Here are some terms and conditions to help make your visit and purchase a pleasant one. 🙂

Normal postage is now included in price of items!!

Thank u!

List of Blacklisted Buyers

I hate to have to build on this list or make this list grow but there is an increase of buyers who disappeared after commenting for an item or asking me to reserve an item for them.  I usually give more than 24 hours to them but they have failed to respond. These buyers listed below have been banned from Ashleysinn’s FB page if they commented on FB and shall never be served at Ashleysinn. 

1) FB Name: Agnes Lim

Committed to pay for a dress but failed to do so.

2) FB Name: Sunshine San

Requested that I keep a dress for her but failed to make payment nor reply.

3) Email:

Commented for a top and asked a couple of questions but failed to make payment.

4) FB name: Myra Kechyk

Said how much she loved this dress and requested I pm her the invoice etc etc. but after sending the invoice, she failed to reply.