What’s available at Ashleysinn! Superb deals!

Here’s what we have left at Ashleysinn!!

Purchase any 2 items at $44, 3 items at $60 and 4 items and above at just $18 each!

single items will be sold at 10% off prices tagged

Pls note that there won’t be a $1 off per item for lovelies in mailing list or fb page with this deal.

Grab them now!




Item 17-1: Bustier Tube Dress in Black or Royal Blue
Black piece comes with lace hem while blue doesn’t. Cutting for black is slightly bigger too.
Blue: 13.5”-16”, Length: 24.5”, Waist: 13.5”
Black: 14”-16”, Length: 27.5” (including lace hem), Waist: 14”


Item 17-3: Sleeveless Belted Shirtdress in Orange/ Navy and Black
Navy and Black not in picture but you may place your order for them. Belt is in the same colour
Navy and Black not shown in pic but if you are interested, do let me know. Comes with same coloured belt.
PTP: 17”-18”, Length: 35”, Waist: 14.5”


Item 17-2: Panel Runched Front Dress in Black/ Blue or Blue/ Pink
PTP: 17”-18”, Length: 32”, Waist: 16”, Hip: 18.5”



Item 17-4: Short Sleeved Workdress in Royal Blue
PTP: 16.5”-17.5”, Length: 33”, Waist: 14.5”-15”, Hip: 19”-20”



Item 16-1: Peplum Workdress in Grey


Be all ready for that Board Meeting you have to go with this GORGEOUS piece!

Comes in size S and M! Cutting runs a little smaller than norm

Size S – PTP: 16”-16.5”, Waist: 13.5”, Hip: 17.5”, Length: 33.5” (fits size 4/6)

Size M – PTP: 16.5”-17”, Waist: 14.5”, Hip: 18”, Length: 34” (fits size 8)



Item 16-2: Pleated front dress in Green and Black


Finding something that’s appropriate for dinners yet ale to be worn to work? Here’s a sweet piece!

Get this Marilyn Monroe-like dress that glams u up for those special dates/ dinner!

PTP: 17”-17.5”, Length: 32”, Waist: 14”-14”


Item 16-3: Trench dress in Navy or Khaki


Match this piece with leggings or wear it alone and u’re ready for work or those days that you want to dress smarter yet not too formal!

Inner tube not provided. Comes with matching sash.

PTP: 20”, Length: 30.5”, Waist: 20”, Hip, 22”



Item 16-4: Bodycon Pocket Dress in Navy or Khaki


Made of superb material! No ironing necessary! Functional back zip too!

Comes in 2 sizes! S and M! Cutting runs a little bigger. S may be big for size 4/6.

Size S – PTP: 18”-19”, Length: 31”, Waist: 14.5”-15.5”, Hip: 17.5”-18.5” (fits size 6/8)

Size M – PTP: 19”-20”, Length: 32”, Waist: 15”-16”, Hip: 19.5”-20.5” (fits size 10/12)

Blue size M sold out!


Item 15-1: Lace T-Shirt Dress/ Tunic


PTP: 19”-20”, Length: 29.5”

Wear it as a tunic if u’re not used to wearing something so short. But if u’re a lover of mini dresses, this is purrrfect for ya!


Item 15-2: Lace top dresses in Green and Pink


PTP: 16.5”-17.5”, Waist: 11.5”-15.5”, Length: 36”

Choose your favourite colour and wear this dress to work or anywhere!


Item 15-3: Lace Bustier Spag Dress in Pink and White


Note that that cutting of Pink and White are different. Pink has no padding at cup but white has and white is of a smaller cut. Pink piece is tagged M.

Pink – PTP: 17”, Waist: 13.5”, Length: 26” from pit (fits size 8/10)

White – PTP: 14”, Waist: 13”, Length: 25” from pit (fits 4 to small size 8)


Item 15-4: Embroided Sweety Dress in Rose


PTP: 14”-17.5”, Waist: 11.5”-16.5”, Hip: 19.5”, Length: 31.5”

Not into laces nor crochet? How abot some subtle embroidery? Love the colour too!




Item 14-1: Hearts Cardigan in Blue


PTP: 19”, Length: 29.5”

Get warm in this pretty cardigan with hearts all over!



Item 14-2: Buttony Cardigan in Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Black and Grey

Royal blue sold, other colours available


PTP: 17”, Length: 29.5”

Hearts too sweet for u? No worries! Grab this one with colourful buttons at the front and back to jazz up your day!



Love to wear clothes that are not fanciful? Then spice it up with our accessories below!!


Item 14-3: Ribbon Necklace




Item 14-4: Owl Necklace (long)



Item 14-5: Owl Necklace (short)



Item 14-6: Bangles set





Item 13 -2: Reversible top in Peach Orange/ Cream
selling at $24
PTP: 17″, Length: 26″



Item 13-3: Skater dresses in 5 colours!

Selling at $26.50

PTP: 14.5” – 17”, Waist: 13” – 15.5”, Length: 31”

Match this simple dress with blazers for work/ presentations or a simple cardigan for a day out! Basics are just apt for everyday wear!


In Black & Mint


In Bubble Gummy Pink


In Brick Red (sold out) and Forest Green


Item 12-1: Waterdrop Dress in Orange


Looking for something in a special colour to spice up your wardrobe? This dress is so sweet yet brings u from streets to office!

PTP: 17”, Waist: 12”-17”, Length: 32.5”


Item 12 -2: Chic Capri in Black


Capris are so good for those dress down Fridays but yet look professional!

Comes with belt shown

Waist: 14”, Length: 29”, Hip: 19”

Tagged size M


Item 12-3: Bow Top in Purple


Match this top with any skirt/ pants and you’re ready to hit any street!

PTP: 25”, Length: 24”


Item 12-4: Smart Work Pants in Black


Which office gal doesn’t need a pair of black pants in your wardrobe?

Comes with belt shown

Size S – Waist: 13”, Length: 36”, Hip: 17.5”


Item 12-5: Unique Pocket Top


Doesn’t red tops just brighten up your day? Grab this with a unique pocket cutting too!

PTP: 19”, Length: 24.5”


Item 12-6: Striped Top


Vertical stripes never fails to slim one down! What’s more? Here’s one that’s so versatile it matches well with anything be it pants, skirt or shorts!

PTP: 19”, Length: 24”


Item 12-7: Dotty skirt


Look sweet and sexy at the same time in this mini dotty skirt!

Waist: 12.5” to 15.5”, Length: 13.5”, Hip: 17”


Item 12-8: River Island inspired Shirt Dress in Turquoise


Change colours in your wardrobe with this pretty turquoise piece! Absolutely shows the smart side of you!

Comes with belt shown and sleeves can be folded upwards with button to secure it.

PTP: 18″, Length: 34.5″


Item 11-1: Mini Dress in Polkadots and Stripes


Polkadot – PTP: 16”-19”, Length: 31.5”

Stripes – PTP: 15”-18”, Length: 31.5” (shorts in pic is from earlier collection. please comment if interested too)

Love to dress in something simple to show your curves? Or want something versatile where you can wear it as a dress or a top depending on your mood?

Here’s a lovely mini dress which brings you from school to parties where less dressing up is required!


Item 11-2: Puffy Shorts in Light or Dark Grey


Waist: 12”-17”, Hip: 22”, Length: 12”

Want to hide wide hips or boost up small hips? Puffy shorts are always the best choice!

Available in 2 colours and comes with belt! It’s a steal at just $18!

Please state colour of shorts you wish to order



Item 11-4: Knitted Stripe Midi in Maroon and Black


PTP: 17”-20”, Length: 44”, Hip: 17”-21”

Want to hit the beach and not show too much before you change into your bikini? Or simply want to wear something a lil nicer for school? Grab this knitted midi at just $24!

Belt not provided.



 All prices of items include normal local post. For reg mail, please add $2.24.

Like anything? simply comment in our fb page (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.338331329559312.78742.159425397449907&type=3#!/pages/Ashleysinnwordpress/159425397449907) at the pic of the item or drop us ur order at ask.ashleysinn@gmail.com with the following information:

1) Name of item (s)

2) Alternative item if anything is not available

3) email add if order not placed via fb

 If your order is placed via fb, a reply will be made to your fb msg function. so pls check ur msgs ya? 🙂

Please note that deadbuyers will be blacklisted and will be announced at our fb page.  Kindly reply within 24 hrs after receiving the invoice. Pls only comment if ur order is confirmed. 

We will usually respond within 24 hrs after the order is placed/ enquiry sent. If you do not receive a reply from us by then, pls feel free to drop us an email.


Thank you!





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