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Hello dearies!


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Latest deal! grab any top at just $5 and any dress at 2 for $12 only!!


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Hello dearies!


We’re trying to clear everything on hand so here’s the SUPERB Deal!

Get any top at just $6! Dresses in sales post at just $8 each and dresses in what’s available post at just $12 each!!!

Please refer to our fb page for the updated availability of items instead of our website. Links are attached below! If u like anything, simply comment at the pic of the item! I will usually respond to comments within 24 hours. if u dun get a reply by then, please drop me a mail at

Thank u!


Sales post –

What’s available post –

Items on sale at Ashleysinn! Get 2 for $22!




This post contains all items on sale!

Only 1 or 2 pieces left for each piece so do place your order fast! 🙂

Contains items from collections 1 to 9

Grab 2 items at $22 and 3 items and above at just $10 each!! wow!!!

single items will be sold at prices tagged.

Note that $1 off for mailing listee and lovelies who liked our fb page not applicable.



$10 EACH!

Sale top 1 – Unique Cropped Top


This top is just so versatile! Match it with skirts for that office look and with shorts for the chic look!

Item is sheer.

only last piece left. there is a defect at the last button as it has cracked. wont be seen if u are tucking in.



Sale top 3 – Love for lace


Love lace but not too much of it? Grab this simple top!

last piece left!


Sale top 4 – Frill Neck Dotty Top


Hee.. guess you should know by now how much I love polkadots? here’s another that matches everything well!

Most importantly, the price is so pocket-friendly!

White sold out!


Sale top 5 – Stripey Sweety


This top is just so sweety sweet! Comes in 2 colours – Pink and blue. Do remember to state the colour you want ya?

only left blue


Sale top 6- Vesty Cool


This vest just spells C.O.O.L! It completes the cool look that you want! Tagged sized M but fits size 6 to size 12!


Sale top 7 – 2-Layered Lace top


Who doesn’t love layering in this era? And of course not forgetting the girlly lace!

This top has it all!

Comes in 2 piece with a lace spag on top and a basic tank top at the bottom.

Wear them together or simply wear them with your most loved tops separately!

Comes in 4 colours, white and pink, greyish brown, pink and blue!

Pls state the colour you wish to order. Only 1 piece per set.

Inner piece – PTP: 16″ to 18″, Length: 26″

Outer piece – PTP: 16.5″ to 19″, Length: 21″


Sale top 8 – Polka Dotty Racer Back Top


Polkadots are all over these days so why not add them to your daily tops too?

My friends grabbed so many of this once they saw it!

Comes in 5 colours, white, black, pink, purple and green!

Pls state the colour you wish to order. Only 1 piece per colour.

PTP: 15.5″ to 18.5″

Length: 31″

Purple sold out!

Sale top 9 – Crochet Back Top


This top just spells S.E.X.Y~~

Wear it with a tube top like the model if you prefer to be a lil more ahem.. conservative *wink*

PTP: 13″ to 16″ (pls note that due to the crochet at the back, it’s not very stretchy)

Length: 26″

Only left white


Sale top 10 – Cowl Neck Split Hem Top


This is such a versatile top for both work and play! Match it with your favourite shorts for a casual night out with friends or wear it with your formal skirt for work.

Comes in 4 colours, pink, white, blue and grey. Only 1 piece per colour.

PTP: 16.5″ to 20″

Length: 26.5″ (at longest)

only left dark grey

Sale top 11- Throwovers


Throwovers are always the best thing to stay in trend and yet keep yourself warm in

those cold lecture rooms, theatres and offices. Worried that it may be too warm in Singapore’s climate? match it with a mini tube inside and look all chic!

PTP: 16.5″ to 18″ (not very stretchy)

Length: 29″

Only left seagreen and white

At $14 EACH!

Sale bottoms 2 – Girly Pom Pom Skirt


This skirt is so so sweet!! Hit the beaches with this skirt or simply to a girllies shopping trip!

Comes in 3 colours, cream, purple and blueish green. Only 1 piece each!

Waist: 10.5″ to 18.5″

Length: 28″ (outer), 21″ (inner)

Wear it as a tube dress too if you like 🙂 but do note that the inner piece is quite short and skirt is sheer under strong light.




At $16 EACH!

Sale dresses 1 – Greyish Preetz


Another grey dress that brings you from your girlies gathering to your workplace! Love the pleats at the top to spice up the simple dress!

Comes with sash featured!

Sale dresses 2 – Drape Sides Dress in Pink


Girls all love nude/ pink shades don’t they? This dress is sweet with it’s subtle nude-pinkish shade and unique drape pockets 🙂

Belt shown is not provided.

last piece left!


Sale dresses 3 – Sweet Chiffon in Mustard


Chiffon dresses are everywhere and girlies must own one! Mustard is also the IN colour now!

This dress brings out the sweetness in you from the sweety tie front and lovely shade.


Sale dresses 4- Striped Skater Dress in Grey or Green





Sale dresses 5- Turquoise Sweety


This dress is aw so sweet! Dress it up with killer heel and a nice clutch and you are ready for dinners!

Please note that dress is closer to turquoise colour and not blue.

Comes with side zip.


Sale dresses 6 – Keyhole back dress in dark turquoise


This dress is simple and brings you to your girl’s day out without much of a hassle!

Comes with a press stud at the v neck area so it doesn’t go too low cut.

Tie back sash is attached.


Sale dresses 7 – Sweet Crochet Dress


This dress is very very sweet!!!

Comes with side zip.

Fits size 4 to 8 best

last 2 pieces!


Sale dresses 8 – Tribal Maxi


This maxi just reminds me of the beach when worn!

Comes with attached beaded halter as shown in pics.

Please note that the runched area is loose so may be big for size 6.



Sale dresses 9 -Petals Shoulder Dress


Love the petals at the shoulder!

Comes with detachable sash so if u wana spice it up, match it with your fave belt!



Sale dresses 10- Love for lime


I have this lime coloured dress and I loved the colour so i decided to bring this in!

The straps of the dress are very unique too!

last piece!



Sale dresses 13 – Heart Peplum Dress


This dress just hugs u at the right places and very flattering! Every gal shld have a peplum dress in your wardrobe! Grab this now! 🙂

Zip at back

last piece!


Sale dresses 15 – Dotty Love in Navy/ Pink


Love polkadots but don’t like things sleeveless? Or do u love polkadots and want it sweet to the max by having it in pink? Here’s the dress for u! 🙂

Dotty love comes in 2 colours – Navy and Pink. Please state the colour you want ya?

Last piece of pink & navy


Sale dresses 17 – Black V-Neck Workdress


Still like things in black? Here’s a simple workdress for you! My friend loved how the dress slims her down and got it right away!

last piece left!


Sale dresses 20- Drapey Love


Another nude-pink dress in my list! Wear this simple yet glam dress for dinners and stand out from all the little black dresses!

last piece left!

Sale dresses 21 – The all time fave smart black workdress!

tep right into your boardroom with this dress and your best courtshoes.
Pleated waist sash attached to the dress with side zip.
Note that model is wearing a tube so the original cut is quite low but is ok for normal bra.
Zip may be difficult to pull up at connected cloth but would be ok after a few times.
Material is thick and of boutique quality and is only slightly elastic.
PTP: 15.5″
Waist: 12.5″
Butt: 17″
Length: 32.5″

(pls note that it is likely to fit size 4/6 only since it is fitting on the model who is a size 6)


Item 7-3: Cottony chiffon


Fits up to size 14 but it’s not too big for size 6 as well!

This cotton + chiffon top fits a range of sizes well! looks great on your casual days out or even to school! 🙂 Comes in Pink and Blue!

I kept one of each colour!! Has slimming effect!!!

PTP: 19”-21”

Length: 26.5”


Item 7-5: Cropped Chiffon Top


Been wanting to play with layering but not sure what to buy? Throwovers are too thick for you since you don’t really enter cold lectue theatres? Grab this chiffon top then! Simply wear a tube or spag top inside and with your fave shorts and you’re out for your shopping trips with besties!

fits up to size 14!

PTP: 25.5”

Length: 20” front, 21” back


Item 7-6: Mustard Throwover


Time for some mustard coloured stuff!!

Mustard is a fave colour this season! get this if ur daily school routine is entering cold freezing lecture theatres!

fits up to size 14 too!

PTP: oversized

Length: 20” front, 21” back


Item 6-6: Trapeze tops in Blue and Mustard


PTP: 16.5″, Length: 25″

Please state the colour you wish to order

We had so much fun taking pics for this item cos the colours are just so pretty and they brightened up our photoshoot immediately!

inner piece worn by models not included

fits up to size 10 due to smaller ptp

Mustard available. Blue last piece left.


Item 6-7: Stripy oversize tops in blue and black


PTP: 24″ (meant to be oversized), Length: 31″

Please state the colour you wish to order

Note that the armhole is big

Another top that u can wear it with shorts to look casual or with pants/ skirt tucked in to be ready for that office day!

fits up to size 14!

last piece of blue left!


Item 6-8: Sweety Ribbony Top


PTP: 18″-23″ (meant to be oversized), Length: 25″

This is such a sweet piece!! as our model took the photos, we just went awwwww….so sweet….. grab it at only $22!!

fits up to size 14

last piece left!




At $20!!

Item 9-1: Elegant Lace Dress


PTP: Oversized, Waist: 20”, Hip: 20”, Length: 35”

Love lace but not too much of it? this dress is meant for you! pretty elegant lace exudes the feminity in you.

Sold out



Item 9-2: Waterfall Tube Dress (fave of collection!)


PTP: 13.5”-15”, Waist/ underbust: 13-13.5”, Hip: 20”, Length: 27”

Pale purple has always been one of the sweetest colours! waterfall design also gives a pretty touch to the dress!



Item 9-3: Sweety Green Dress


Left size M only!

Size M: PTP: 14.5”-17.5”, Waist/ underbust: 14-16.5”, Hip: 23”, Length: 27”

Dress comes with detachable straps!



Item 9-4: Sultry Bodycon Dress


PTP: 14”-18”, Waist: 14”- 16”, Hip: 16”-19”, Length: 34”

Show your curves with this bodycon dress and stand out at those parties!



Item 9-5: Grecian Braided Straps Maxi


PTP: 15”-20”, Waist/ underbust: 14”-17”, Hip: 25”, Length: 57”

Heard requests for simple maxis and here is one! braided straps spiced up this simple maxi.



Item 9-6: Cottony Banded Dress


PTP: 20.5”, Length: 33”

How about a night out with girlies? this simple dress lets u shop all u want 🙂

last piece

Item 8-1: Lovely Drapes in black


PTP: 15”-18”, Length: 34.5”, Waist: 12.5”-15”, Hip: flare” (fits up to big size 10)

Love the drapes of the dress which hides any buldges u dun wan people to see. 🙂

Sold out



Item 8-2: Drapy Workdress in Blue & Pink and Black & Grey


PTP: 17”-19”, Length: 33”, Waist: 15”-17.5”, Hip: 20” (fits up to size 10)

Another drapy dress! comes in bright colours or simply the traditional black and grey. Unlike the usual shiftdresses, this dress hugs u at all the right places!

Please state the colour you wish to order.

last piece of each colour


Item 8-3: Lady in Polkadots


PTP: 14”-17.5”, Length: 32”, Waist: 13”-15”, Hip: 19.5” (fits up to size 10)

Me love polkadots!!! don’t u too? This dress is ultra sweet and differs from plain shiftdresses! comes with functional pockets too!


Item 8-4: Crochet Sleeves Workdress in Orange and Navy


PTP: 17.5”-20”, Length: 34”, Waist: 18.5”-19.5”, Hip: 21” (fits up to size 12)

Love crochet details but not too much on the dress? get this dress with crochet details at the sleeves! comes with matchin sash.

Dress is sheer and model is wearing petticoat for dress in orange but not for navy.

Please state the colour you wish to order.

last piece of each colour


Item 8-6: Unique Zip up Dress


PTP: 16”-18”, Length: 34.5”, Waist: 16”-18”, Hip: 18”-20” (fits up to small size 12)

Waterfall details are so pretty and adds some additional details to usual black dresses. This dress also comes with a full zip.

sold out



Item 7-2: Pocahantas Dress in Black


The dress comes with a sash and a braided belt and you can dress the belts up as u wish. Great for casual days at work too!

view the review of the dress by dearest Cheryl here!

Fits up to size 14 and not too overwhelming for size 6! just use the belt to adjust to your size! 🙂

PTP: 19”

Length: 33”

Waist: 22”

Butt: 24”

sold out




Item 7-4: Colourblock dresses in Orange and Blue


This simple dress comes with the belt shown and brings you right into your office or simply those days that u have to do presentations in school!

Choose orange to stand out from the crowd and blue for elegance.

Dress is sheer and strong sunlight and model wearing orange dress is wearing a petticoat (not provided).

Petticoat is encouraged for the bottom of the dress

fits up to size 12

PTP: 18.5”

Length: 33”

Waist: 19.5”

Butt: 19.5”

last piece of each colour


Item 6-1: Stripes with Love Workdress


Blue only available in size S

PTP: 15.5″, Waist: 14.5″, Butt: 17.5″, Length: 32″ (fits size 4 to small 8)

This dress is great for work and of good quality! It’s a steal at just $27!!

Comes with back zip

Left blue only!


Item 6-3: Sweety Blue


PTP: 18″, Waist: 18.5″, Butt: 22″, Length: 33.5″

This is a sweet piece which is good for not so formal days at work and when u wana look sweety sweet!

Comes with blue sash as shown an with some pleats at the front

fits up to size 12


Item 6-4: Drape sides dress in pretty blue


Outer piece: PTP: free sized, Waist: free sized, Butt: 26″, Length: 32″ in front and 35″ at back

Inner piece: PTP: 17″-19″, Waist: 15″-17″, Butt: 17-20″, Length: 31″ with adjustable straps not extended to max

Comes with inner full length petticoat

This dress is GORGEOUS! It’s a steal at $26 especially since the inner piece is provided too!

fits up to size 12



Item 6-5: Pretty Colourblock Dress


PTP: 19.5″ (meant to be a little bigger), Waist: 19.5″, Butt: 21.5″, Length: 34″

Sash is attached to the back of the dress

fits up to size 12





Please drop a comment or leave me an email if you would like to place your order for any item. 🙂

Email add:

Please note that deadbuyers will be blacklisted.

What’s available at Ashleysinn! Superb deals!

Here’s what we have left at Ashleysinn!!

Purchase any 2 items at $44, 3 items at $60 and 4 items and above at just $18 each!

single items will be sold at 10% off prices tagged

Pls note that there won’t be a $1 off per item for lovelies in mailing list or fb page with this deal.

Grab them now!




Item 17-1: Bustier Tube Dress in Black or Royal Blue
Black piece comes with lace hem while blue doesn’t. Cutting for black is slightly bigger too.
Blue: 13.5”-16”, Length: 24.5”, Waist: 13.5”
Black: 14”-16”, Length: 27.5” (including lace hem), Waist: 14”


Item 17-3: Sleeveless Belted Shirtdress in Orange/ Navy and Black
Navy and Black not in picture but you may place your order for them. Belt is in the same colour
Navy and Black not shown in pic but if you are interested, do let me know. Comes with same coloured belt.
PTP: 17”-18”, Length: 35”, Waist: 14.5”


Item 17-2: Panel Runched Front Dress in Black/ Blue or Blue/ Pink
PTP: 17”-18”, Length: 32”, Waist: 16”, Hip: 18.5”



Item 17-4: Short Sleeved Workdress in Royal Blue
PTP: 16.5”-17.5”, Length: 33”, Waist: 14.5”-15”, Hip: 19”-20”



Item 16-1: Peplum Workdress in Grey


Be all ready for that Board Meeting you have to go with this GORGEOUS piece!

Comes in size S and M! Cutting runs a little smaller than norm

Size S – PTP: 16”-16.5”, Waist: 13.5”, Hip: 17.5”, Length: 33.5” (fits size 4/6)

Size M – PTP: 16.5”-17”, Waist: 14.5”, Hip: 18”, Length: 34” (fits size 8)



Item 16-2: Pleated front dress in Green and Black


Finding something that’s appropriate for dinners yet ale to be worn to work? Here’s a sweet piece!

Get this Marilyn Monroe-like dress that glams u up for those special dates/ dinner!

PTP: 17”-17.5”, Length: 32”, Waist: 14”-14”


Item 16-3: Trench dress in Navy or Khaki


Match this piece with leggings or wear it alone and u’re ready for work or those days that you want to dress smarter yet not too formal!

Inner tube not provided. Comes with matching sash.

PTP: 20”, Length: 30.5”, Waist: 20”, Hip, 22”



Item 16-4: Bodycon Pocket Dress in Navy or Khaki


Made of superb material! No ironing necessary! Functional back zip too!

Comes in 2 sizes! S and M! Cutting runs a little bigger. S may be big for size 4/6.

Size S – PTP: 18”-19”, Length: 31”, Waist: 14.5”-15.5”, Hip: 17.5”-18.5” (fits size 6/8)

Size M – PTP: 19”-20”, Length: 32”, Waist: 15”-16”, Hip: 19.5”-20.5” (fits size 10/12)

Blue size M sold out!


Item 15-1: Lace T-Shirt Dress/ Tunic


PTP: 19”-20”, Length: 29.5”

Wear it as a tunic if u’re not used to wearing something so short. But if u’re a lover of mini dresses, this is purrrfect for ya!


Item 15-2: Lace top dresses in Green and Pink


PTP: 16.5”-17.5”, Waist: 11.5”-15.5”, Length: 36”

Choose your favourite colour and wear this dress to work or anywhere!


Item 15-3: Lace Bustier Spag Dress in Pink and White


Note that that cutting of Pink and White are different. Pink has no padding at cup but white has and white is of a smaller cut. Pink piece is tagged M.

Pink – PTP: 17”, Waist: 13.5”, Length: 26” from pit (fits size 8/10)

White – PTP: 14”, Waist: 13”, Length: 25” from pit (fits 4 to small size 8)


Item 15-4: Embroided Sweety Dress in Rose


PTP: 14”-17.5”, Waist: 11.5”-16.5”, Hip: 19.5”, Length: 31.5”

Not into laces nor crochet? How abot some subtle embroidery? Love the colour too!




Item 14-1: Hearts Cardigan in Blue


PTP: 19”, Length: 29.5”

Get warm in this pretty cardigan with hearts all over!



Item 14-2: Buttony Cardigan in Royal Blue, Pale Blue, Black and Grey

Royal blue sold, other colours available


PTP: 17”, Length: 29.5”

Hearts too sweet for u? No worries! Grab this one with colourful buttons at the front and back to jazz up your day!



Love to wear clothes that are not fanciful? Then spice it up with our accessories below!!


Item 14-3: Ribbon Necklace




Item 14-4: Owl Necklace (long)



Item 14-5: Owl Necklace (short)



Item 14-6: Bangles set





Item 13 -2: Reversible top in Peach Orange/ Cream
selling at $24
PTP: 17″, Length: 26″



Item 13-3: Skater dresses in 5 colours!

Selling at $26.50

PTP: 14.5” – 17”, Waist: 13” – 15.5”, Length: 31”

Match this simple dress with blazers for work/ presentations or a simple cardigan for a day out! Basics are just apt for everyday wear!


In Black & Mint


In Bubble Gummy Pink


In Brick Red (sold out) and Forest Green


Item 12-1: Waterdrop Dress in Orange


Looking for something in a special colour to spice up your wardrobe? This dress is so sweet yet brings u from streets to office!

PTP: 17”, Waist: 12”-17”, Length: 32.5”


Item 12 -2: Chic Capri in Black


Capris are so good for those dress down Fridays but yet look professional!

Comes with belt shown

Waist: 14”, Length: 29”, Hip: 19”

Tagged size M


Item 12-3: Bow Top in Purple


Match this top with any skirt/ pants and you’re ready to hit any street!

PTP: 25”, Length: 24”


Item 12-4: Smart Work Pants in Black


Which office gal doesn’t need a pair of black pants in your wardrobe?

Comes with belt shown

Size S – Waist: 13”, Length: 36”, Hip: 17.5”


Item 12-5: Unique Pocket Top


Doesn’t red tops just brighten up your day? Grab this with a unique pocket cutting too!

PTP: 19”, Length: 24.5”


Item 12-6: Striped Top


Vertical stripes never fails to slim one down! What’s more? Here’s one that’s so versatile it matches well with anything be it pants, skirt or shorts!

PTP: 19”, Length: 24”


Item 12-7: Dotty skirt


Look sweet and sexy at the same time in this mini dotty skirt!

Waist: 12.5” to 15.5”, Length: 13.5”, Hip: 17”


Item 12-8: River Island inspired Shirt Dress in Turquoise


Change colours in your wardrobe with this pretty turquoise piece! Absolutely shows the smart side of you!

Comes with belt shown and sleeves can be folded upwards with button to secure it.

PTP: 18″, Length: 34.5″


Item 11-1: Mini Dress in Polkadots and Stripes


Polkadot – PTP: 16”-19”, Length: 31.5”

Stripes – PTP: 15”-18”, Length: 31.5” (shorts in pic is from earlier collection. please comment if interested too)

Love to dress in something simple to show your curves? Or want something versatile where you can wear it as a dress or a top depending on your mood?

Here’s a lovely mini dress which brings you from school to parties where less dressing up is required!


Item 11-2: Puffy Shorts in Light or Dark Grey


Waist: 12”-17”, Hip: 22”, Length: 12”

Want to hide wide hips or boost up small hips? Puffy shorts are always the best choice!

Available in 2 colours and comes with belt! It’s a steal at just $18!

Please state colour of shorts you wish to order



Item 11-4: Knitted Stripe Midi in Maroon and Black


PTP: 17”-20”, Length: 44”, Hip: 17”-21”

Want to hit the beach and not show too much before you change into your bikini? Or simply want to wear something a lil nicer for school? Grab this knitted midi at just $24!

Belt not provided.



 All prices of items include normal local post. For reg mail, please add $2.24.

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1) Name of item (s)

2) Alternative item if anything is not available

3) email add if order not placed via fb

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Thank you!




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Terms & Conditions & List of Blacklisted Buyers

Hello Lovelies!

Thank u for visiting Ashleysinn. 🙂 Here are some terms and conditions to help make your visit and purchase a pleasant one. 🙂

Normal postage is now included in price of items!!

Thank u!

List of Blacklisted Buyers

I hate to have to build on this list or make this list grow but there is an increase of buyers who disappeared after commenting for an item or asking me to reserve an item for them.  I usually give more than 24 hours to them but they have failed to respond. These buyers listed below have been banned from Ashleysinn’s FB page if they commented on FB and shall never be served at Ashleysinn. 

1) FB Name: Agnes Lim

Committed to pay for a dress but failed to do so.

2) FB Name: Sunshine San

Requested that I keep a dress for her but failed to make payment nor reply.

3) Email:

Commented for a top and asked a couple of questions but failed to make payment.

4) FB name: Myra Kechyk

Said how much she loved this dress and requested I pm her the invoice etc etc. but after sending the invoice, she failed to reply.


Collection 2 – From Stylewardrobe


Please refer to sale post for items available.


Item #1 – The Cardis!
All sold out!!

Item #2 – Black ruffled side dress
Great for a day out with the gals or for work!

sold out!

Item #3 – Black Skater Dress
Dress it up with a cardi for work and match it with your favourite pumps for play!

Black sold out!

Item #4 – Coral Skater Dress

Sold out!

Item #5 – Puff Sleeved Work Dress
Perfect for work!

Item #6 – Knitted mint throwover
wear it with your favourite basic tank top and you’re ready for anyting!!
Now selling at $20

Item #7 – Lacy Tank top

Item #8 – Polkadot Tube dress
comes with belt! dress it up with a cardigan and it’s ready for work! or wear it by itself for that clubbing nite with girlies!
Please state whether u want th blue or black. 🙂

sold out!

Item #9 – Striped Skater Dress in Grey or Green
Grey sold out
Green available
Now selling at $16

Item #10 – Sweet Pink Skorts
sold out!

Item #11 – Weekend skorts in grey
Now selling at $18

Please leave a comment with your order and your email address if you are interested in anything. 🙂

Collection 1 – From stylewardrobe

Please refer to sale post for latest availability of items.




Seen anything u like? leave me a comment with your email add and the item u want! 🙂  but please note that anyone who confirms an order but backs out will be blacklisted.  thank u!